Updated January 2017

GLITTER is the Group for the study of Learning, Identity, and Teaching Towards Equitable Relations. We are a group of faculty, post-docs, and graduate students who draw from critical theories and the learning sciences to study issues of learning and identity in a wide variety of settings. GLITTER meets every week during the academic year. If you are in Toronto and would like to participate, please contact Indigo at indigo [dot] esmonde [at] utoronto [dot] ca.

Current GLITTER-ati 
Thelma Akyea
Joe Curnow
Indigo Esmonde
Jade Kim
Cammy Lee
Paul Matthews
Allison Ritchie
Shannon Salisbury
Stephanie Shuler Fages
j wallace skelton

Former GLITTER-ati
Cal Armstrong
Kanjana Brodie
Jennifer Calix
Sue Carlson-Lishman
Bev Caswell
Lesley Dookie
Paula Elias 
James Eslinger
Baolong (Pauline) Fu
Noah Kenneally
Stephanie McKean
Nenad Radakovic
Miwa Takeuchi

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