Updated March 2018

GLITTER is the Group for the study of Learning, Identity, and Teaching Towards Equitable Relations. We are a group of faculty, post-docs, and graduate students who draw from critical theories and the learning sciences to study issues of learning and identity in a wide variety of settings. GLITTER generally meets every week during the academic year, but is currently on hiatus while Indigo is on sabbatical. If you are in Toronto and would like to participate, please contact Indigo at indigo [dot] esmonde [at] utoronto [dot] ca.

Current GLITTER-ati 
Catherine Aitken
Indigo Esmonde
Takako Nomura
Allison Ritchie
Shannon Salisbury
Stephanie Shuler Fages
j wallace skelton

Former GLITTER-ati
Thelma Akyea
Cal Armstrong
Kanjana Brodie
Jennifer Calix
Sue Carlson-Lishman
Bev Caswell
Joe Curnow
Lesley Dookie
Paula Elias 
James Eslinger
Baolong (Pauline) Fu
Noah Kenneally
Jade Kim
Cammy Lee
Paul Matthews
Stephanie McKean
Nenad Radakovic
Miwa Takeuchi

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